Sales Channels

We get asked by our dropship customers, where they can/should sell items a lot, so we've put together a little list of all our favourite sales channels. Note, you are responsible for reading / adhering to the rules of each website - we are not affiliated in any way. If you have any questions on these, please do let us know. Your own website: Shopify WooCommerce Magento Wix Weebly Marketplaces: Rakuten Bonanza Ebay Tictail Wish.com Not on The High Street Amazon Folksy Storenvy ECrater Brisksale Classified Sites: Gumtree Craigslist Social Media: YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook Google+ Linkedin Whatsapp Pinterest Tumblr ...

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SEO Basics for Dropship Customers

We all know that SEO is super important for any online business. So, here are a few tips from our experts at Pimp Chimp Apparel: Choose your keywords carefully. Use the Google Keyword Research tool to understand the search volumes & competitiveness of each search term. From there, you can compile a list of your top 5 keywords, which you can start to target. Longer keywords (multiple words) will be easier to rank in Google for. Now that you have your keywords, make sure you're thinking about all the content on your website and adding the keywords in wherever it...

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