Let us design custom clothing for you

If you have a t-shirt idea that you think would be really awesome, but you don't have the tools, time or expertise to design it yourself, you could just accept that you'll never get the t-shirt you want and give up. But, that's no fun now, is it?

You can email our team using our contact form with your design details. We can then design it for you for a one-off fee of £20 and then we can print all those items up for you, as per the pricing on the custom apparel page, here.

If you're looking for custom designed gear for your company or just something as a joke for a friend, we're trying to make it as affordable as possible! Remember, until the end of Jan, we have a 25% off discount running, which covers both the design and printing too. Just type 'newyear' at the checkout!

Here is one we designed for a customer to give to their friend, who's wife was pregnant - pretty cool, huh?


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