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Happy holidays!!

2016 has been a busy year for Pimp Chimp Apparel. We've launched hundreds of designs on several types of clothing.

As we had a bit of downtime over the festive period, with all the bank holidays, we decided to get an early start on our 2017 functionality.

We now have:

  • A money off scheme, so registered users can get money off every purchase
  • A new dropshipping service, so you can start your own clothing business, right from your sofa

We're not stopping there! We've got all the below happening in January too!

  • Our Android & iOS apps will be released 
  • We'll be offering loads more products:
    • Infant t-shirts
    • Toddler t-shirts
    • Kids hoodies
    • Women's vest tops
    • Men's tank tops
    • Zip up hoodies
    • Not to mention all of the new colours too!

We've got loads more on the horizon too! We'll keep you updated with all the improvements we're making!

Happy holidays everyone

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