Our dropship programme is open!

Dropshipping Start your own business

Dropshipping is a way to start your own business from home with no up-front stock costs. You can trade under your own brand name, take orders on your own website (or in your own store) and create your own list of customers.

The benefits are:

  • You can use our catalogue of designs and sell them through your own website, Ebay, Amazon... wherever you like
  • You can design your own clothing for individuals or companies, strengthening your own brand - we'll print and ship it for you
  • You have complete freedom on pricing, customer service and branding 
  • You can work any hours you like, sell to whoever you want and enjoy being your own boss

How does it work?

Lots of companies make the dropship process much harder than it needs to be. Ours is so simple, it can be described in 4 steps below:

  1. Your customer orders a product from you
  2. You order the same product from us, providing your customers shipping address
  3. We then print the order and send it to your customer
  4. You keep the profit!

And that really is it! One thing to note is, as we custom print all of our items, we only provide refunds to our dropship customers if the item is faulty. If the item doesn't fit or the customer changes their mind, you'll need to make a decision how you want to handle that as a business. We recommend that you refund your customer & hold the stock for the next order as this will help build a stream of good reviews.

Do dropship customers get a discount?

Yes, all products for dropship clients are reduced (as outlined below). We have included the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of each item, to give you a guide profit margin. You'll notice that you can earn a pretty handy margin when you consider that you could sell hundreds of items per month, with no up-front investment.

For a dropship client the below prices apply (rounded to the nearest .50). 

Garment RRP Cost to you Profit
T-Shirts £15.99 £11.50 £4.49
Hoodies £25.00 £17.50 £7.50
Sweaters £22.00 £16.50 £5.50

    Keep in mind that shipping is charged on top of this. It's a flat rate of £3 for delivery, no matter how many items you order. 

    Finally, dropship clients are not eligible for the rewards program and cannot claim points on their purchases.

    Where do I sign up

    Just email us at info@pimpchimp.net letting us know that you'd like to be a dropship client. We'll set you up on the system and you'll be away!


    This program is subject to change / cancellation at any time. However, registered dropship clients will receive notification of any price changes, shipping alterations, dispatch time changes or any other service affecting changes via email.

    Pimp Chimp Apparel cannot be liable for any perceived loss of income due to shipping issues, administrative errors or any other issues.

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